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Lite Hydrogen delivers unparalleled lightweight performance, comfort, and flexibility. We continue to develop and improve the Lite Hydrogen line through constant feedback from our athletes—both amateur and pro. The goal has always been to create the lightest, most breathable racewear with an athletic tailored fit. The new Lite Hydrogen race pant is 4.8 ounces lighter than last year’s pant. Each panel has been carefully analyzed to ensure that the rider has maximum flexibility, breathability, and support where needed. Lite Hydrogen: the original lightweight, minimalist racewear.
Fly Racing 2019 Lite Hydrogen Features
Fly Racing 2019 Lite Hydrogen Colorways
Our women’s racewear line has been at the head of the pack for over a decade. We’ve always created racewear specifically for women, not just men’s gear in women’s sizes. To continue this tradition for 2019, we created new Lite Women’s Racewear. An all-new line of stretch construction racewear designed to provide an anatomically correct fit for the female body and the ultimate comfort and performance.
Fly Racing 2019 Women's Lite Hydrogen Features
Fly Racing 2019 Women's Lite Hydrogen Colorways
Our Kinetic line blends form and function like no other racewear. Ultra-durable construction combined with innovative features has earned the Kinetic line its workhorse reputation for reliability and classic racewear comfort. From pro racers to weekend riders, Kinetic racewear overdelivers every time.
Fly Racing 2019 Kinetic Features
Fly Racing 2019 Kinetic Shield Colorways
Fly Racing 2019 Kinetic Noiz Colorways
It’s a goal of ours to provide high-quality, useful features in every set of gear we build, and the F-16 line is no different. Each new version includes even more features that make this gear one of the best values on the market with its clean race-inspired graphics and classic fit and finish.
Fly Racing 2019 F-16 Features
Fly Racing 2019 F-16 Colorways
The F2 Carbon Helmet has established itself as a top choice in race circuits around the world. The helmet earned a reputation as one of the most comfortable helmets on the market. The new F2 has taken this to the next level with its one-piece tri-composite carbon fiber shell and mouth guard, MIPS® (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), and best in class airflow. The new F2 excels at impact technology without compromising the comfortable fit—with an all-new bold look.
Fly Racing 2019 F2 Carbon Features
Fly Racing 2019 F2 Carbon Colorways
This helmet has it all: FLY’s originally designed Elite helmet maximizes style and comfort. Elite offers a multi-port ventilation system, minimized weight and spot on comfort and fit. Built to meet and exceed DOT/ ECE 22.05 safety standards.
Fly Racing 2019 Elite Features
Fly Racing 2019 Elite Colorways
Clear vision is a must and FLY racing’s line of goggles allow you to read the terrain without distraction. Youth and adult specific frame sizes are made from premium, high-grade materials that are designed to provide a secure fit and wide field of vision.
Fly Racing 2019 Zone Pro Colorways
Fly Racing 2019 Zone Colorways