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Rekluse Auto Clutch: Everything You Need to Know

Check out this in-depth look into Rekluse's industry-leading motorcycle Auto-Clutches. This guide describes how an auto clutch works, how it differentiates from an automatic transmission and what auto-clutch is best suited for you.

Winter Preparation - Motorcycle Riding

Winter is closing in fast, so don't get caught out in the rain or freezing cold. In this guide, we have a great selection of parts and accessories that are all designed to ease and improve your winter riding experience.

Polisport Pro Octane Fuel Can

A revolution in fuel can technology

Polisport's ALL-NEW Pro-Octane Fuel Cans are a revolution in fuel can technology, bringing you features and benefits you never knew existed. Available in a 10L or 20L capacity with either the Polisport Quick Fill Spout or the innovative Fill Hose right now at Bits4Bikes or at your local Polisport Stockist!

Winter Preparation - Motorcycle Storage

Winter is just around the corner, and now is the time to prepare your ride for the winter months. If you’re planning on parking up your ride through the winter, there are a few things you’ll have to do to ensure your motorcycle is ride ready when summer returns.

Winter Off-Road Traction - Tyres for Mud & Rain

Brought to you by the Bridgestone X10 & Shinko 540 Series Off-Road Tyres!