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2019 Christmas Gift Ideas!

That’s right; Christmas is less than a month away and as we rapidly approach the silly season it’s time to round up the rest of your presents for friends and family. Some people can be hard to buy for, and sometimes you need a gift for that person who has everything. Luckily the team at Bits4Bikes have put together some great gift ideas for you that are great for the off-road, adventure or road rider alike!

Rekluse: Why Clutch Performance Matters

Curious about how clutches work and how they can help your bike's performance? In this article, we dive into the mechanics of a clutch system and how changing and upgrading different components can improve performance and your riding experience.

Bridgestone V02 Tyres - An Independent Review

The V02 was born utilising technology and feedback that Bridgestone acquired during their time as the control tyre of MotoGP. With a focus on improving the less than perfect aspects of the V01, without sacrificing in areas where it excelled Bridgestone successfully created one of the best racing slicks available in the New Zealand market. We wouldn’t expect you to just take our word for it; check out this review and what legendary Kiwi motorcycle racer Jay Lawrence had to say about the Bridgestone V02.

Interview: Dr. Chris Leatt on the Neck Brace, Collarbone Breaks, Safety Over Fashion & More

As the designer and creator of the Neck Brace Dr. Chris Leatt has significantly contributed to modern motorcycle protection. Although, despite the technological advances and revolution in head/neck protection the neck brace has had a slow start to the motorcycle scene, with few riders/racers willing to adopt the protective device. Read on to learn how the neck brace works, what sparked the idea for motorcycle neck protection, a scientific response to the often-voiced rumour of a connection between neck braces and collarbone injuries and more in a recent interview by pinkbike with Dr. Chris Leatt himself.

Marc Márquez – The Story of an 8-time World Champion

If you follow the MotoGP or even have the slightest interest in road racing, you have no doubt you've heard of the Ant. Recently, in Thailand Marc Márquez secured his 8th World Championship. In this blog, we have a quick look into his history of amateur racing and his success on the world stage.

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